School Of Fighting Arts

American Combat Ju-Jitsu

At School of the Fighting Arts we teach all ranges of combat. American Combat Ju-Jitsu includes long-range combat where students learn strikes, kicks and blocks. Students will also learn locked-up or clinch which includes strikes using their knees and elbows, takedowns and Judo throws. Another main component focuses on ground combat which includes Japanese and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu with strikes. We also teach Street Self-Defense where students learn to attack the weak parts of the body using strikes, kicks, or joint locks. Adult students will learn gun and knife self-defense. In these classes adult students learn how to disarm an attacker who has a gun or knife, which in today's society is the most likely way an adult will be attacked.

Healthy Lifestyle

Lose weight. Increase flexibility. Become stronger and healthier.

Self Confidence

Boost self-esteem. Become more self-assured.

Self Defense

Learn life-saving skills and techniques to defend yourself.

Fun Atmosphere

Classes are taught in a positive and healthy environment.